April 2006

EC Contract N°: ENK5-CT-2002-00603, Project N°: NNE5-2001-00444
Project period: 1 October 2002 to 31 March 2006

European Partnership

ImageThe Wave Dragon 1:4.5 project was a true European project, with partners from 6 European countries, building on experiences from a previous EC supported project.
Developing new technologies, like wave energy, requires multi-disciplinary skills which cannot be found in one single country. The partners behind the project thankfully acknowledge the support of the European Commission which made this project possible.
The successful results of the project will help create a new industry, offering job opportunities especially within European manufacturing and service industries. Furthermore it will contribute to the European Community goals of increasing the use of renewable energy resources; enabling a higher diversification and security of energy supply, reduction of emissions and conservation of natural resources like oil and gas.


  • Turbines were designed, manufactured and installed
  • All onboard electrical systems were designed and installed, including the grid connection
  • All modules (pneumatic and hydraulic) for automatic control of freeboard and turbine operation were installed and tested
  • Integrated measurement and industrial control systems were installed, tested and put into operation
  • Full integrated remote control for SCADA system and remote cameras were designed, installed and put into operation, including ADSL internet connection to the test rig and back-up system
  • Three country market and job creation analysis were finalised
  • Numerous contacts have been established to suppliers, investors and administrations aiming at the construction, deployment and operation of the first multi MW unit

Test results show good agreement with expectations and has fully virified the Wave Dragon performance specified on this website. Overtopping rates are in the range of, and even greater than, what was expected from the laboratory results.

Furthermore Wave Dragon was the world’s first offshore wave energy converter to produce power to the local grid in May 2003, utilising the test turbine from the previous EU Craft project.

Project partners:

  • Wave Dragon ApS (Denmark)
  • SPOK ApS (Denmark)
  • Balslev A/S (Denmark)
  • Kössler Ges.m.b.H. (Austria)
  • Aalborg University, Dept. Civil Eng. (Denmark)
  • Promecon A/S (Denmark)
  • Technical University of Munich (Germany)
  • NIRAS A/S (Denmark)
  • Nöhrlind Ltd (UK)
  • ESB International (Ireland)

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